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This site would be nothing without the contribution of experts in many fields. Some of our key contributors are listed below:

Constituency Profiles Dr Robert Waller is the creator and joint author (with Byron Criddle) of The Almanac of British Politics. He is a former Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford. Comments about the constituency profiles can be sent to
Parliamentary Profiles Byron Criddle is Reader in Politics at Aberdeen University. He is the joint author with Robert Waller of The Almanac of British Politics and of Parliamentary Profiles, with Andrew Roth. He has an unsurpassed knowledge of MPs and candidates.
Mapping and Data CACI Limited have provided a wide range of local and national maps used for display and navigation. In addition, CACI have supplied postcode and other files used to guide the user to their constituency. CACI's proprietary ACORN geodemographic and household income data help to paint a portrait of each constituency.
Swingometer and Paxman Fin Fahey of Albedo Systems Limited ran the calculations which tell us who's in and who's out for any given swing. On a lighter note, Fin also produced this year's antidote to electoral apathy, the Java-based Paxman game.
Design and graphics Fiona Daly and Dylan Curtis of Albedo Systems Limited worked alongside the Telegraph and CACI teams setting design standards and enhancing the many hundreds of local and national map images used on the site.

Thank you all for your hard work and help.
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