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Paxman game

Jeremy Paxman is trapped in the corridors of power. Only you can guide him to the right questions - but can he get the right answers?

When the game has loaded, click on the maze to enable input. Hit any key to start the game. Then use the cursor keys to guide Paxman round the maze. For best effect, switch your loudspeakers on!

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Somewhere in the Palace of Westminster, the Conservative and Labour parties have hidden their secret manifestos. If Paxman can find them, he will be able to send the politicians fleeing with the raising of an eyebrow. But beware - without the charge from the manifestos, he is vulnerable to the long windy speeches that Blair, Hague and their cronies will deliver, and if he meets any of them he will lose a life.

You may find that this game resembles a popular classic, so play should be straightforward. If you are not familiar with the original, then here is a simple tutorial:

You can progress to a new level by eating all the 'Commons cookies' (small blobs) and you will gain points for each one. But beware of the roaming politicians - unless you have read their manifestos (Labour Rose and Tory Torch). If you have, you can hunt them down and earn points for each one that is forced back into the Commons tearoom by the force of your incisive questioning. Good hunting!

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