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SDLP hold

Constituency Profile by Robert Waller
This seat's name tells quite a story. The city which comprises the vast bulk of it is variously known as Derry to Nationalists and Londonderry to Protestants. Symbolism, like history, is almost all-important in Northern Ireland (this is one of the reasons why it is so difficult to make progress towards "peace and reconciliation") and the Boundary Commission has striven to find a neutral name, that of the river which divides the city between the Bogside (mainly Catholic) and Waterside (Protestant). Overall the seat like the city is majority (70 per cent plus) Catholic and nationalist, and it is the base of the SDLP leader John Hume, elected here since Foyle was first fought in this form in 1983. It may move towards Provisional Sinn Fein after Hume's time, but although he has withdrawn from the Northern Irish assembly he has maintained his place in the Westminster and Strasbourg parliaments.

Personality Profile by Byron Criddle
John Hume, Nobel Prize winning leader of the SDLP, was first elected here on the seat's creation in 1983. A veteran constitutional nationalist, he has recently announced his decision to stand down from the Northern Ireland Assembly as 30 years of stress dealing with tough opponents on both IRA and Unionist flanks take their toll. Seen by Ted Kennedy as "the 101st Senator" for his ubiquity around the American Irish diaspora, he is less seen at Westminster than his two SDLP colleagues. Co-author of the Good Friday Agreement and a 30 year deliverer of his 'single transferable speech', he was born in 1934, educated at St Columb's (RC) College, Derry, St. Patrick's Seminary, Maynooth (where he trained inconclusively as a priest) and the National University of Ireland. He was a school teacher for 10 years. He is respected by opponents,being seen by the Ulster Unionist deputy leader John Taylor as "a first class politician who serves the Irish nationalist cause well."

2001 Results - General Election (7 June 2001)
John Hume
SDLP hold
UUP Andrew Davidson 3,360 6.87%
DUP William Hay 7,414 15.17%
SDLP John Hume 24,538 50.20%
SF Mitchell McLaughlin 12,988 26.57%
All Colm Murray-Cavanagh 579 1.18%
Candidates representing 5 parties stood for election to this seat.

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